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The Teaching in Higher Ed and Lilly Conferences communities have something in common. We all care about students. We are also passionate about effective teaching and using evidence-based practices toward transformative learning.


For 40 years, Lilly Conferences have provided opportunities for the presentation of the scholarship of teaching and learning. Conference participants are made up of faculty and administrators at various stages in their academic careers that come from across the world representing nearly every discipline found in higher education. 

The mission of the Lilly Conferences is for them to provide a forum to share and model a scholarly approach to teaching and learning that reports quality student learning outcomes while promoting professional development of faculty.

The Lilly Conferences team is committed to creating events that build community among our participants where we share scholarly work, network, and promote collaborations that extends the professional interactions into lifelong collegial friendships. Effective faculty development requires a community of scholars sharing, discussing, critiquing and reflecting, and identifying how each of us can improve our craft.

At Lilly Conferences, every individual is valued for her or his perspective with the belief that all faculty members are life-long learners who benefit from interacting with one another, our students, and our mentors.


Below are episodes which feature friends of both Teaching in Higher Ed and the Lilly Conferences. We are grateful to these individuals for lending their expertise to the podcast and for sharing even further within the Lilly Conferences community.