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  1. “Curriculum design is something that I am interested in. Myself, currently a novice in this discipline, I tend to lean toward a holistic approach, in my own pedagogy and design techniques- which according to some theorists. However, others suggest that teachers should use elements of many to create a well-rounded curriculum. This is where I fall in terms of my own exploration thus far. I am fairly new to the design aspect of curriculum, but it is something that interests me and I hope to continue to explore a holistic model in which many different theories are melded into something new, in order to create something amazingly effective for my students. Schiro (2013) says that a disadvantage to curriculum design is that one universal way cannot be chosen- I question if this could not be turned into an advantage? I wonder what your thoughts are on a holistically designed online course?

    Schiro, M. S. (2013). Introduction to the curriculum ideologies. In M. S. Schiro, Curriculum theory: Conflicting visions and enduring concerns (2nd ed., pp. 1-13). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. ”