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Tools4Learning with gold tools like a wrench, nails, etc.

2022 Top Tools for Learning Votes

Each year, I look forward to reviewing the results of Jane Hart’s Top 300 Tools for Learning and to submitting...
Top 2019-2021 Top Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast downloads

21 Top Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast Episodes

I started producing weekly Teaching in Higher Ed podcast episodes in June of 2014. Since that time, a new episode...
2021 Favorite Podcasts (collection of podcast logos)

2021 Podcast Favorites

The first person to inspire me to list out annually which podcasts are taking up my “ear share” was Bryan...
Tools4Learning - Jane Hart's annual survey

2021 Top Tools for Learning: My Vote

I’m excited to participate this year, once again, in Jane Hart’s Top Tools 4 Learning. It is the 15th time...

Standing Presenting Set-Up

I gave a couple of talks this month that I wanted to share a bit with you. First, David Rhoads...

No Magic Required

More than ever before, I witnessed this semester testing the limits of our espoused descriptions of what it means to... screenshot

Recommended Digital Bookmarking Tool:

Dave and I don’t change our tools very often. Instead, we try to use as few of them as possible...
most downloaded episodes 2020

Most-Downloaded Teaching in Higher Ed Episodes in 2020

Terry Greene, host of the Gettin’ Air podcast, asked some of us on Twitter to guess what was the all-time...
Structuring Synchronous Classes for Engagement

Structuring Synchronous Classes for Engagement

I still feel a bit wobbly in my teaching this semester. Students’ facial expressions typically provide me with so many...
How Do You Make Zoom Breakout Rooms Less Boring?

How Do You Make Zoom Breakout Rooms Less Boring?

  This article is part of the guide Toward Better Teaching: Office Hours With Bonni Stachowiak. on EdSurge. It is reposted...
Curation: Is there such a thing as too much?

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Curation?

This article is part of the guide Sustaining Higher Education in the Coronavirus Crisis. on EdSurge and is reposted here with...
Computer screen with blog title

Care, Voices, Screen Time, and Zoom Settings

I have been treasuring the opportunity to read about other educators’ lives during this time, as they share with such...