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Care, Voices, Screen Time, and Zoom Settings

I have been treasuring the opportunity to read about other educators’ lives during this time, as they share with such...
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What Homeschooling During COVID-19 Taught Me About My College Teaching

This article is part of the EdSurge guide Sustaining Higher Education in the Coronavirus Crisis and is reposted here with permission....
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Three Things I’m Curious About

I recently picked up Josh Eyler’s How Humans Learn, again, to prepare for a talk I gave this past week...
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How to Keep Class Sessions from Running Short (Or Going Too Long)

This article on How to Keep Class Sessions from Running Short (Or Going Too Long) was originally posted on the EdSurge website and...
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Why I Broke My Self-Imposed Open-Textbook Writing Ban

I told Dave that I was done with open textbooks. Well, at least the part of my experience with them...
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Let's Take This Show on the Road: All the Way to Digital Pedagogy Lab 2020

For the first time in Teaching in Higher Ed history, we are taking the show on the road. We have...

Daily Practice – Tools of the Trade

I was inspired by Bryan Alexander’s post on his Daily Practice: Tools of the Trade. If you aren't already familiar...
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Answers to 11 Questions

Recently, Katie Linder recommended on her blog that we answer 11 questions, which were inspired by Tim Ferris. They come...
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Top 19 Episodes in 2019

It’s been quite a year for Teaching in Higher Ed. We celebrated one million downloads of the podcast with episode...

Celebrating the Decade

I have enjoyed seeing various members of the higher education community write about what has happened in their lives over...
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What to Do Instead of Asking for Questions

I tend to still feel nervous when I travel. When I was in my twenties, I took a trip to...

How to Get Students to Join You for Office Hours

This article on How to Get Students to Join You for Office Hours was originally posted on the EdSurge website and is...