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The Trouble with Summer

We finished our Spring semester a little over a week ago.  Graduation came and went... We had our final, full...

Poster Sessions Experimentation Continues

I tried doing poster sessions for the first time a year ago. Doug McKee had inspired me, though he was...

Using Facebook Live in Higher Ed Teaching

This has been one of those extraordinary weeks in teaching. I have been edified by what I've observed about my...

Exploring Teaching Philosophies

When I was preparing my promotion and tenure portfolio in 2010, the resource I used more than any other was...


Thanks to all of you who responded to my blog post about the stress I've been experiencing regarding a family member's dementia...

How to Manage During a Stressful Season

As I share about in episode #145 (which airs on March 23, 2017), things have been more than a little...

Podcast Greats for 2017

I had the great pleasure of talking with Bryan Alexander today for this week’s Teaching in Higher Ed podcast episode....
Early spring blossoms in Armenia


5 forms of becoming a teacher - Stephen Brookfield's talk at the 2017 Lilly Conference My...

Creating Authentic and Explanatory Videos

In this past week's episode with Steven Michels, we both spoke about the importance of allowing for more authenticity in...
The dip

7 Resources for Addressing Low Motivation Mid-way Through a Class

If you teach in higher ed, you have probably experienced it. Despite your best efforts, your entire class seems to...
Digital Literacy

How to Increase Our Digital Literacy Literacy

As I begin to compose this blog post, my browser has more tabs open than I think I've ever had...
Shot in China - two doors

2 Persistent Myths About Teaching and Learning

I just finished listening to a Teaching in Higher Ed podcast episode with Mike Caulfield on digital literacy that will...