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  1. I generally love your podcast and regularly find inspiration in it. I also have found many of your recommendations useful. However, I do find your Jobsian viewpoint a little frustrating at times. Many of us have not been converted to Apple-ism and episodes like your latest, seem almost exclusively directed toward the true believers. I’m wondering if it would be possible for you to find someone who could provide a little ecumenism and suggest non-Jobsian alternatives to some of these gadgets you find so uplifting. Or even if you could just preface such particular podcasts with the disclaimer that the content will mostly speak to the already converted, it would let us apostates know that we might not need to partake of this week’s offerings.

    But on other fronts, please do keep up the good work.

    • Dear Michael,

      Thank you for both the encouragement and also for the feedback. I have considered both of the ideas you have suggested: 1) Getting someone to join me when I get a tad Apple-esque in my approach for a week who is the opposite of that and / or 2) Giving warnings at the start of an episode that the episode is more Apple-centric. You have given me a good nudge to get better at this in the future.

      For what it is worth, as I look back at the 90 episodes of TIHE, there are only a couple of episodes that are more of us talking about Apple… and with the exception of the most recent one, we have done a better job at suggesting alternatives. I mention that not as a defense (as your criticism is valid), but as information for anyone reading these comments who may not have been listening that long and who might think that this is reflective of any large number of episodes.

      With gratitude,


  2. I really enjoyed this episode and appreciate your very candid reviews of both hardware and software. I recently went over to the dark side and embraced Apple products because I love their design and how well they work. I have not had a moments regret.

    I would love to hear more about pencasting. I bought an iPad a couple of years ago with the rationalization that I could use Doceri and try pencasting for my online courses, but never got there mostly because I was underwhelmed with every stylus I tried. Now, after hearing your reviews of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, I am very excited to try it out. Any chance you could do a YouTube demonstration? (Or a personal consultation?!)

    I have really enjoyed your podcasts! Thank you so much for creating them!

  3. This comment is not related to this episode, but more a general question and perhaps request for a future podcast episode.

    Right after listening to this episode my playlist played an episode of the Quiet Revolution podcast about introverts done by the woman who wrote the book Quiet. This particular episode was about introverts and grading class participation. It was focused on high school and younger students, teachers and schools. Have you interviewed anyone who’s done work with how to best teach introverts in college? I’m very curious because I’ve been a part of two NSF funded grants for development of teaching materials that are strongly focused on the flipped-classroom approach and group projects. These types of projects may not be the best strategy for introverts and I’m curious what work is being done exploring how to best use flipped strategies and group work and not alienate introverts. I’m currently teaching an entire hybrid (1/2 online/ 1/2 in person) flipped course and would love input. Thank you!

  4. This was the first episode I ever listened to. I picked up so many useful ideas. Can’t wait to find out what I can learn from you guys in future.

    • Thanks for letting us know, Deirdre. There are lots of great episodes already recorded and ready for the regular release times of Thursday mornings… Looking forward to having you listen.