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  1. Thank you for a great pod. I just love when your conversations goes beyond tips and tools to actually also mention the research beyond why something is working or not. We all need the tips but we it is in my view important to actually also answer the question why. I Think you keep doing that in your pod and that’s why I keep on recomend it to our faculty!

    Thank you
    Teresa Sörö

  2. Thank you for this podcast. UDL is wonderful. i only discovered it recently but had used the principles regularly in my own teaching and with my son who has a severe disability. Now I work with International students who need additional support in academic English.
    Bonni mentioned ‘not starting course redesign always at the beginning’. I would add that a unit should always be planned backwards. Start with the unit learning outcomes – what does a graduate know and do? Then design assessment that offers opportunities to show the learning outcomes, then plan the learning activities back to the beginning. However, don’t forget to do diagnostic assessment at the beginning of teaching to pitch the unit to where the students ‘are at’.