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  1. Katie, I appreciate you making the distinction between pedagogy and andragogy in this episode. I find it odd how often the term pedagogy is used in higher education circles when I think often the word andragogy is the better fit — as well as more discussion about the distinction between the two.

    I hope we can encourage more dialogue about this distinction — as it aligns so well with the ongoing discussion here on Teaching in Higher Ed.

    For those not familiar, the seminal read on andragogy is The Adult Learner by Malcolm Knowles et al.


    Amusingly, when I dictated to Siri a reminder to post this comment, I received “Android Koji” in my task list. So, apparently Siri needs work on getting more familiar with the word too. =)

    Katie, thank you for all you’re doing with your show — and for supporting Bonni’s work as well!

    • Thanks for these kind words, Dave – Bonni is doing such incredible work with this podcast and it was so fun to join her for this episode!

      I definitely think that andragogy is gaining some ground, but I do hear it talked about most in distance education circles. I’ll be interested to see if/how it expands beyond that realm.