#057: Teaching with Twitter [PODCAST]

Jesse Stommel shares how to teach using Twitter

You would be surprised how much can be done through 140 characters. In today’s episode, Jesse Stommel, shares about how he enhances his teaching with Twitter.

Teaching with

Podcast notes

Teaching with Twitter

Twitter basics

Jesse’s background

When I grew up, I always wanted to have my own school… [Hybrid Pedagogy] is not really as much a repository for articles, but a space for community and for engaging. – Jesse Stommel


Was recently in Canada for the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, where he broke his ankle

On kindness

Kindness is what drives my pedagogy. It’s about seeing people for who they really are and engaging with their full selves. – Jesse Stommel


Part of [kindness] is also about bringing your full self to the relationship you have with your coworkers, your students, and [other collaborators] that you use as a guiding ethic. – Jesse Stommel


What the 140 limitation does

The constraints of Twitter are also its affordances. Being asked to take an idea and put it in this constrained linguistic space of 140 characters forces us to think about and question our thinking in ways we wouldn’t otherwise. – Jesse Stommel


Twitter allows for improvisation within a framework

What students should know

Twitter lets us play out our ideas

Twitter is a space for trying out ideas. It encourages us to iterate… – Jesse Stommel

[Twitter] is like a tool in the way that a pencil is a tool. A tool that lots of people can use for lots of different reasons. It becomes this platform that you can use in different ways and environments. – Jesse Stommel

Conversation with Steve Wheeler re: digital natives on episode 38


Each person has to find a different relationship to these tools and build their own self inside of the network. – Jesse Stommel

Privacy literacy

Anyone who imagines that they can become private just with the flip of a switch is not really understanding how these networks work. – Jesse Stommel

Reflections on Teaching in Higher Ed episode 31 on the social network Yik Yak

Creative ways to teach with Twitter

Some things need to be public. – Jesse Stommel


Canvassers study in episode #555 of This American Life has been retracted

He was peer-reviewing my tweets before I sent each one out [at our wedding]… – Jesse Stommel

I want my students to know someone in a place that is so different than the place that they are in. – Jesse Stommel



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