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  1. Another great (and mostly free) online booking site is youcanbook.me – and it syncs directly with either google calendar or icloud, which is super helpful if you want to “set it and forget it”.

    Thanks for all the helpful resources! =)

    • Thanks for sharing about YouCanBookMe. I have a colleague who uses it and likes it, too. The key (as you said) is the syncing with your existing calendar feature. That’s what makes all the difference.

      • I also used YouCanBookMe this semester and my students really like it. Now, however, I’m wondering if anyone has found a tool that lets a group of students sign up for class projects. And because I’m using projects for several of my classes, it would be great if I could limit specific days and times to my mailing lists for the specific classes.

        • One option for group projects is CATME.org (http://info.catme.org/). It may be more complex than what you’re looking for, as it uses an algorithm for group composition. I did enjoy using Piazza for group project communication this semester. Finally, just to add in one more tool that relates, but isn’t exactly what you’re after… Remind can have sub-groups and you can schedule texts/communication out to particular groups.