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  1. What a great topic for an episode! I would only add:

    * Omnifocus has a couple nice ways to move email out of your inbox and into your task list. You can set up a maildrop email address and whenever you forward a message to it, it will show up in your Omnifocus inbox waiting to be categorized (and accomplished!). They have another tool called the Clip-o-Tron that supposedly lets you type a single key to move a message, but I can never get it to work and I try every six months or so. The maildrop is rock solid.

    * For me the trick is to know when a task is worth the overhead of moving it out of mail and into Omnifocus.

    * David Sparks loves to “defer” mail. I don’t do it because it seems gimmicky, but he used to think that too. So one of these days I might try it: http://macsparky.com/blog/2015/7/deferred-email

    Of course, I’m not one to talk as I haven’t seen an empty inbox in several months. 🙂

    • Thanks for telling people about the easy way of getting OmniFocus tasks from emails. I use that method, too, and love it. I’m with you on the Clip-o-Tron. Doesn’t really seem worth it to me.

      I use the 2 minute method for determining what stays in the inbox and what goes into OmniFocus. I achieve that about 80% of the time, at least. I’m sure 20% of the time, I stretch the 2 minutes out a bit.

      Scott Self had a great post on this same topic at: