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  1. Hi Bonnie,

    I’ve listened to you for over a year. I have really enjoyed most of the episodes. Sometimes I get lost in the technology shows but always manage to get something out of them. I am on winter break and just want to say, “Thanks for everything” and Keep up the great work! I really enjoyed this episode with Dr. McGuire a very simple concept but a huge impact. My favorite show is “How to get students to participate in a discussion”. I am a new jr. college adjunct professor (child development) and a Parent Education Consultant. Discussion is a huge part of my class. The information was very helpful.

    • Thank you for the edifying words, Rory. As you no doubt can tell, I try to mix it up, in terms of levels of complexity (especially when it comes to technology). I’m glad you still stayed with it through the ones that were more technically-oriented and that you were able to get something out of them.

      Thanks for taking the time out to let me know you appreciate the show. If you haven’t already done so, I would greatly appreciate it if you’re up for writing a review for the show on iTunes, or whatever service you use to listen to the show. It is the biggest contributor to helping others discover the podcast (in addition to word of mouth).