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  1. Thanks for the great podcast! Could you explain what the templates do to help you with the self-generated capture? I didn’t really understand the purpose of the templates.

    This year I started using a Bullet Journal and am loving it. I like having a written book to keep track of everything I need to do all in one place. I still use Google Calendar for scheduling. There’s a great video on the Bullet Journal website and lots of blog posts by people who’ve modified the system.

    • Dear Gigi,

      The templates are just lists of possible actions that you may need to take around different areas of your life (professional/personal). For example, there’s a trigger list for projects and all the various questions we might ask ourselves to discover actions that might not have been top of mind for us without the list.

      There are about four different pages of these kinds of lists that I look at from time to time if I need help doing a mind dump. I also just look through my project lists and things that need capturing come to mind very quickly.

      Thanks for sharing about the Bullet Journal. I know that for many, analog tools are their preferred option, so it is nice to have this as an alternative to our digital recommendations.