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  1. Hi Bonni and Teaching in Higher Ed listeners, I spent most of this weekend grading essay exams, and I thought back to this episode where it was recommended to grade during peak energy hours. Even during peak energy times, I see that grading fatigue affects the quality of my commenting, and probably the scores that I give. I have a lot of grading during the semester, so I try to get things graded and back to students as soon as possible, which usually means grading during evening and weekend hours when I’d rather be doing something (anything) else. I’m thinking about doing some action research, and I’m wondering whether anyone knows of any articles on grading fatigue or related literature?

    • Dear Jena,

      I apologize for my delay in replying to your comment. There was a problem with me not receiving comment notifications on the old Teaching in Higher Ed site. I’m happy to report that I’m receiving notifications on the new site (just launched today) and look forward to being much more responsive in the future.

      I don’t know of any such research, though it isn’t an area I’ve explored. It would be an interesting topic for sure. Let us know if you’ve found anything more, since you posted (and sorry, again, for taking so long to respond).